• Teeth Whitening / Bad Breathe

    Bad Breathe is fixed by
    -Brushing/Flossing your teeth 1/2 Times Daily
    (and your tongue!)
    -Eating nicer (smelling) foods/drinks
    -Drinking a lot of water
    (64-128fl oz / 1 gallon a day / 2-3mL a day)

    If that doesn’t fix it, you may have an open wound or infection, rotting gums, or something else worth seeing a dentist about.

    (Also use gum and mints, but those don’t “fix” anything)

    Teeth Whitening and “My Protocol” at bottom

    Is Done for 14 days max (21 if you’re brave and retarded)
    Once every 6 months

    The Following can be done in conjunction with each other!

    Firstly, try Crest 3D White Strips or any whitening strips
    (do not buy ones with chlorine dioxide) (destroys enamel)

    Second, try Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste
    (I believe you can use this forever, but it’s $$$$$)
    (You can also use Opalescence PF Whitening Gel Syringes, but those are the 14 day cycle thingy, never used, same with Hydrogen Peroxide / Baking Soda)

    Third, try Coconut Oil
    Use a toothpaste-esq amount, brush, spit out.
    (can, and should be used with the next 2, together)

    Fourth, try Tumeric and Activated Charcoal
    Put a SMALL (like, a dash) amount into a bowl (that you don’t care gets stained, I mean this), mix with coconut oil, brush teeth with it, then spit it out like normal.
    (You may get small “rocks” in teeth after, use Mouthwash)
    Your teeth will look like someone shit on them, and your toothbrush WILL LOOK DISGUSTING, it means nothing, but if you want, use a “burner” toothbrush or something.

    Fifth (no other options) Get a Laser teeth whitening for 100-1000 dollars.

    My Protocol: 10-14 days

    AM: Opalescence Toothpaste Brushing (2min)
    PM (after last meal) : 3D Strips (read directions)
    PM (15-30 before bed): AM + Oil/Tum/Char Brush (4min)

    I also naturally chew a fuck ton of gum, so yeah.

    Your Teeth Get Naturally Stained, But Avoid “Staining”
    Sugar (natural and refined and artificial)
    Dyes / Food Color

    Brush Teeth/Chew Gum / Mouthwash after each meal