• Supplements/Extra Tips For Nutrition


    Fish Oil
    1.6-3.0g of DHA/EPA (combined) a day
    This is like 6-10 a day (of the cheaps) I know….
    You can use something like the link and take 3-6
    Most people lack these Essential Fatty Acids
    Keeps Omega 3/6 ratio balanced
    Gets Fats In For “Free” (I hate fats)

    Technically there’s a g/kg amount, but I think 5g is average.
    Pretty much one of the only “natty” sups that work.
    Retain more muscular water = fuller, able to push more
    “””Allegedly””” causes balding (no)

    2-6mg/kg (please god don’t take 6mg in one sitting)
    Boosts athletic/cognitive performance
    Suppresses appetite
    Can taste yummy (open caps, pour into bottle, add mio)

    3-10g, I use 6g
    I think malate is better but you need more?
    L-Arganine worse than both.
    Increases Nitric Oxide

    Also Good/Useful (No Links)
    Ephedrine (Bronkaid/Primatine)
    25mg 4 hours apart 3x a day with 200mg of caffeine
    ^Google “ECA Stack” leave the A out

    Amino Acids In Their Base Form (Theanine, Tyrosine, Lysine, Glycine, Glutamine, Etc.) All serve a good different purpose.



    Multivitamin/Sups you are missing (get bloodwork)


    While Bulking attempt to consume as little “food volume” as possible, this makes cutting easier by adding low cal veggies and feeling full later
    Do the opposite if you started as a skeleton

    While cutting, do literally anything except consume food/fitness content.

    Buy a food scale

    Start with 1 change and then change more later


    Google “anabolic recipes” if you are a sweet freak, remember to watch your fat content though, also these are really high in volume

    Some people like barely eating throughout the day then eating 1 big meal, others like 6 smaller meals.

    Eat 1g/lb protein daily, eat some of it in each meal, then eat fats, then eat your carbs, also do not eat distracted