• Skin Care

    This is for facial Skin Care, as well as near your neck and ears and such.

    I am a firm believer that Tretinoin should be used by everybody, DYOR on said product.

    There’s 2(3) skin types.

    Dry | Oily | Hybrid

    There’s 3 (like 8) things you should do based off your type

    Cleanse | Moisturize | Sunscreen SPF50 or higher

    If you are a women or a vein male, you can also exfoliate and some other shit they do, I don’t care.

    You are to ALWAYS put Sunscreen on, and possibly reapply every 2 hours

    If you have DRY skin

    Optional Cleanse (with Lukewarm/Cold water)
    Moisturize Face (Product of Choice)
    5-15 minutes later apply Sun Screen (Product of Choice)

    Cleanse (Product of Choice)
    5-15 minutes later apply Moisturizer (Product of Choice)

    If you have Oily skin do the same as Dry, but cleanse with product twice, you may also benefit from Trent more, and should consider exfoliating.

    There are different types of moisturizing creams. I use these products cause I’m lazy, if you are DRY you should probably use a gel-ish moisturizer or a thick cream, if you are Oily you should use some weird water stuff, kinda like what I have ( I think).

    If you have HYBRID you gotta figure it out…

    Moisturize your body depending on what you need, it’s almost identical to face anyways.