• Hypertrophy

    Training for the breakdown of new muscle fiber (i.e how to actually make “gainz”)

    Now, take what I’m about to post with a grain of salt, everyone is different, however these are the “averages” of “optimal”. Personally, I am of the opinion of progressive overload, not “akshuallie u can still gather the same stimulus at the same weight” fuck off.

    First off,
    2-3(4) times per week, per muscle group.
    Second off,
    6-8 sets to MAINTAIN muscle / 12-16 to GAIN
    Third off,
    If it’s a smaller muscle (Arms,Shoulders,Abs)
    half the amount I just told you (maybe not shoulders)
    Fourth off,
    You can only do so much per day/week/month
    You can’t do 16 for each muscle
    (^Not exactly true, but you get the point of CNS fatigue)
    You can however do 12 for 8 muscles (fake number), then 8 for 2, then 16 for 2(sorta).
    MOST (all but the advanced) can probably do 12 for everything for a looonggg time (2ish years).

    The former comments are in sets per week.
    So if you do 3 chest presses Mon/Thur, that’s 6
    If you do 6, Mon/Thur, that’s 12.
    Personally, after 4-6 sets a DAY, I get fatigued.

    Ideally, you want 24-48 hours to let a muscle rest
    Smaller > 24 / Bigger > 48
    I.E Chest > Mon/Thur – Arms > Mon/Wen/Fri

    Reps For Each Set

    With Free-Weights
    Chest – 8-12
    Back – 8-12
    Shoulders – 8-12
    Arms (Tri/Bi) – 12-15

    Quads – 8-12
    Hams – 8-12
    Glutes – 12-15
    Calves 12-15

    With Cables/Machines/Isolation
    Change the 8-12 to 12-15
    Change the 12-15 to 15-20

    Abs – Get to 12-18% BF as well
    Train Them Like You Would Arms
    Seem People Need (like doing) High Reps
    Decline Crunches / Leg Raises Work Best for Me
    I do them weighted, no you can’t do them weighted yet.

    Some Examples
    Back – Lat Pulldown = 8-12 / Pullups (not weighted) = 12-15
    Shoulders – OHP = 8-12 / Lateral Raises (cable) = 12-15

    Quads – Leg Press = 8-12 / Leg Extension = 12-15
    Hams – RDL = 8-12 / Leg Curl = 12-15

    Calisthenics = 20-25
    Calisthenics is good for that, not “real” hypertrophy
    However, most people should do some calisthenics
    When I first started I couldn’t do 1 Pushup
    But I fucking hate Pushups, holy fuck fuck Pushups

    ~Mike Israetel
    ~Eric Helms
    ~Layne Norton