• Cardio

    Is the most important exercise for health
    Is not needed at all for gains or strength
    All you need for health and stuff is minimum
    Max (for me) seemed to be when I I’d be doing to much

    Minimums In One Week (pick one or mix and match)
    75 Minutes of HIIT
    150 Minutes of MISS
    300 Minutes of LISS

    Maximums In One Week (Personal Experince)
    300 Minute of HIIT
    600 Minutes of MISS
    900 Minutes of LISS

    Morning Fasted (excluding HIIT)
    After/Before Workout (before leaves me tired)
    Actual #’s:
    Best > 24hrs apart, No Change in 6hrs though.

    High Intensity Interval Training
    Moderate Intensity Steady State
    Low Intensity Steady State

    Examples of HIIT:
    Sprints, Interval Swim, Interval Cycling, Rowing

    Examples of MISS:
    Incline Treadmill, Elliptical, Swimming , StairMaster

    Examples of LISS:
    Walking, Cycling (leisure), Treading Water, Shopping

    Best Cardio?
    the one you actually do
    Low Impact > Moderate Impact > High Impact
    Swim/Ellip > Cycle/IncTread > Jog/Sprint

    Recommendations / Ideas
    AM Cardio for 30m Daily
    10k steps
    MISS for 45-60 OFF / 15-30 ON AFTER WORKOUT
    HIIT for 15-30m OFF Days

    Most Enjoyable > Lowest Impact > Most Calories Burned

    Make It Easier
    Buy a fucking machine
    Stationary Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical, Rower

    Ideas to get to it:
    Only watch “fun stuff” on the machine
    Take some caffeine pre-workout
    Do it daily. Just like the gym, eventually you get used to it
    Receive a “reward” post workout – i.e if you do drugs, porn, etc. (but be extremely careful with this one, lmao)