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    Calories are the determining factor of body weight
    You have a “maintenance” calories – Maintain Weight
    This is ABOUT 2250-2750 calories – Track yourself
    TDEE Calculator I Use
    1 Pound is ROUGHLY 3500 calories
    Eating 500 extra calories, 7 days a week = 1 Pound
    3500 calories over maintenance in 1 day = 1 Pound

    I own a food scale, and weigh everything, then log it into LoseIt! Yeah it sucks, but do it for at least 4 weeks. Then throw it away if you don’t like it I don’t care. Just understand how much calories you are taking in (weigh the fucking oil and ketchup you fat fuck, I don’t care that it’s “only a little”, one ounce of oil is 120 calories, and one ounce of ketchup is 30)

    Bulk – Gain Muscle While Minimizing Fat Gain
    To Bulk eat at a surplus of roughly
    Beginner = 375 calories
    Intermediate = 250 calories
    Advanced = 125 calories
    Elite = 0-75 calories
    Anything above intermediate should really just not even care to be honest

    Cut – Lose Fat While Minimizing Muscle Loss
    To Cut eat at a deficit of roughly
    20%+ BF = 750-1000 calories
    15%+ BF = 500-750 calories
    10%+ BF = 250-500 calories
    This is actually not the lowest you can go, this is because it is extremely “unsafe and unsustainable” when you do what I’m about to post

    You can actually cut at
    Divide BF% / 15% – Take # as a %, then * it by Body W
    25% / 15% = 1.66…..
    1.67% * 225 = 3.75 pounds per week
    3.75 * 500 = 1875 calorie deficit

    When cutting/bulking, the first/second week should be disregarded to some extent. You lose/gain ABOUT 5/10 pounds of water. Best results come from 2-4 weeks of consistent weighing in and tracking. I’m not even going to link a body scale for that dude….

    There are different stressors that cause water weight fluctuations.
    To name a few:
    Salt/Sodium, Stress, Water, Excess Carbs (glycogen stores), Food, Pee/Poop

    ~Mike Israetel
    ~Eric Helms
    ~Layne Norton